A reliable source of high-quality housing for LA's workforce.

Apartment Home Living

ECO-friendly amenities, sourcing and materials
sizable square footage for each unit
Clean, Modern Design
quality materials and production

amr's in-house prefabrication company

AMR’s wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary, EcoBuild.LA, is the Company’s “Intel inside.” EcoBuild.LA operates a pre-fabricated offset horizontal construction plant that exclusively services the Company, producing prefabricated panelized wall systems and attendant pre-engineered “kit of parts” assemblies for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEPs) construction for future developments as AMR expands.

putting families into homes that are easy to love and Live in

• AMR’s business plan is to focus all of our energy on bringing remarkable homes to the underserved housing markets of Southern California.

• Los Angeles housing challenges will continue to evolve and AMR’s goal is to be there to evolve with them.

• Los Angeles has historically relied on its diversity to make it strong and its communities cohesive.

• AMR homes are built recognizing the evolving and long- term demand for multicultural and multigenerational living.

• AMR’s long-term goals are to continue to meet the demands for affordable, high-quality multifamily housing in Southern California.

• As we learn and the city evolves, so will how we build.